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[this is a resource] A resource in the dataset ONS Geography Linked Data Portal - Boundary Polygons.

RDF Resource

This is a Linked Data resource, but we don't visualise this kind of data at the moment. You can explore the RDF for more details: see the API tab.


This is a linked data resource: it has a permanent unique uri at which both humans and machines can find it on the Internet, and which can be used an identifier in queries on our SPARQL endpoint.
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In Graph
POLYGON ((-3.9689799570751556 51.61887473027804, -3.969376064827142 51.619563697907154, -3.9702749458663265 51.62004709075063, -3.9697960166843105 51.62038696251706, -3.96930823081635 51.61970789780389, -3.9679160189885176 51.621166084746456, -3.966970267829474 51.6213263684203, -3.966376104617312 51.619323411129656, -3.967226267659424 51.619714688062906, -3.968595392393984 51.619421540808496, -3.967631916331581 51.61850389179429, -3.9689799570751556 51.61887473027804))
Type rdf:type
Machine-readable formats

In addition to this bookmarkable html page, this metadata about this linked data resource is also available for our robot customers in the following machine-readable formats. Please refer to the API documentation for more details.

metadata about this linked data resource JSON RDF/XML Turtle N-Triples